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Can someone enlighten me regarding surface and draping?

08-28-2013 01:35 PM
New Contributor III
Total Noob here, and could use some guidance.
I have a tif with elevation values, I have a town wide aerial image also in tif - what's the secret to be able to reduce the size of my aerial image so it will drape over my elevation raster?

Both use the same coordinate system, I can load my elevation tif and see it, but the aerial image is almost a Gb so it won't draw.  I tried using the Split Raster tool in catalog, but of course it creates about 70 tiles @ 4k x 4k.  It appears the elevation file and image file both have to have the same extent, so I assume that means I have to 'dumb down' my aerial image???

Or are you guys somehow adding multiple surfaces/images to a single scene?  The size of our town is no larger than the Honolulu tutorial example, so it must be do-able.

Thanks for any help, links, etc...
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