Basic problem that i cannot solve!  :)

07-25-2013 07:11 AM
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Been struggling with this for a a while now, I don`t think that its a major problem, but Ive never used here goes....

Im trying to texture the sides of some imported and extruded OSM data. The texture is text, and displays in the first 3m
of the building in a 3 x 3 m block...   

The problem is that if the "face" of the building is too small, or say the building side has a few more angles in it, then the text (texture) is cut short...


I don't want to the texture to "stretch" because it will look weird...

Is there a way in the rule file to basically say that : if the split (of 3m) cannot fit into the face of the building then don't split it?
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have you tried using a conditional rule, ie:

Wall--> case >= 3 : split(x){ {3 : TileTexture }*| ~1 : Tile}
   else : Tile 

This says that is the wall is greater or equal to three metres then it will split it every three meters and enter the tile with the writing on, and any remainding space will be a plain tile. But if it is smaller than 3 metres then it'll just insert the plain tile.
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That has worked perfectly thank you!
Its the Scope that i need to learn..

Thanks again!
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