Authorizing CityEngine 2012 trial on Linux w/o Internet Connection

01-15-2014 08:30 AM
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I'm trying to install the trial of CityEngine 2012 on my Linux machine. I've received an authorization number, but due to the setup at my company the software doesn't have access to any internet connection. So, I've tried to follow the steps for authorization via the Esri Customer Care website. Unfortunately the page that leads to says something about a "problem connecting to the server" and "No data available, a possible error has occurred," and doesn't give me the option to authorize anything. Any suggestions for how I can get this authorized? Any solution that would also let me try out the 2013 SDK would be extra appreciated :-). Thanks!

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Hi !

For the authorization thing, please contact

You say you try to activate the 2012 TRIAL, but the 2013 TRIAL is already available.. So I'd go for that one .. 😉

Please read that thread:

I've organized a new SDK forum, it's gonna be live soon.

ok ?

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