Assessing Building Submissions using CityEngine

07-01-2021 09:08 PM
New Contributor

We have a requirement to assess building design submissions for its compliance to design requirements. Some examples of things that would be checked include the GFA, max height of the building and number of rooms it can accommodate. The design submissions are not necessarily in CityEngine format, but most likely will be limited to common formats used in the industry.

I know that for a design built within CityEngine, we will be able to check the generated model for compliance to certain criteria. Would we be able to do the same thing with a model that is imported into CityEngine?

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Esri Regular Contributor

It depends which criteria you want to check.  You might be able to check some, and you might not be able to check others.  For example, you can check the max height by checking of the imported model.  However, you won't know how many rooms there are in an imported model unless you can approximate it by dividing the volume of a model by the average room volume (or by using some other heuristic).  If the imported model, however, is created such that each room is a separate group or material, then you can use comp(g) or comp(m) to help count the number of rooms you have.  For GFA, this might be possible if you can split the model into a known number of floors because then you can sum up the footprints of each floor, or maybe you can approximate GFA by multiplying the building's footprint by the number of floors.  It really depends on the metric you want to calculate, the input you are able to provide, and the approximations you are willing to accept.

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