"Unable to load perspective" error on startup

05-10-2012 03:36 PM
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When I start up CE "Unable to load perspective" is displayed. Here is a screenshot.


At this point I don't know how to bypass this problem and how to force CE to start with blank project or some other project/scene. Is that possible?

I am running CE 2011 on Windows 7 64bit with 12GB RAM.
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This is a bug which just recently got fixed. The fix will be in the 2012 release.

[ Some perspective settings are stored in the Workspace and very rarely, it can happen that those are garbled. ]

To handle your issue, do the following :

- File > Switch Workspace > Other ..
- A dialog appears with the path of your current Workspace (the default is /user/CityEngine/ )
- Edit this path to a new name, such as /user/CityEngine2/ or /user/NewCEWorkspace/ ..
- Hit OK and CE will restart with this blank workspace.
- Go to Windows Explorer ( or Finder on MacOS, .. ) then MOVE all your CityEngine projects from the old WS directory to the new WS directory. Do not move the project 'ce.lib', that's a special hidden library project which is created by default anyway.
- In CityEngine, import your projects one after the other with File > Project > Existing Projects into Workspace, where you select from the new WS.

This should help. 😮
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