'Align shapes to terrain' icon greyed out

09-06-2019 08:24 AM
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I'm relatively new to CityEngine, so I'm likely doing something a bit newbie-stupid, but...I can't seem to get the 'Align shapes to terrain' icon to become active (or select it from the 'Shapes' drop-down). This was working absolutely fine in my scene previously, but I upgraded to CityEngine 2019 today so I'm wondering if that's something to do with it? Interestingly, most options in the 'Shapes' menu are also greyed out. I've tried it in a completely fresh project (not the one I've imported from 2018.1) and still no luck.

Could somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong please?


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Hi Jack,

I think it's a street network. So you need to use the symbol "align street graph..." ( 6 symbols left of "align shape to terrain" Symbol)

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You must select the block shape and use its alignment attribute, as seen below. Or you can run a rule on all of the lots, and "convert models to shapes" to use the "align shapes to terrain", but then adjusting the streets will no longer change the lots. See image:

lot alignments

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Thanks Chris - much appreciated. Good to know about the "convert models to shapes" rule, too!

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