Additional Tagging in Collada

02-11-2016 04:29 AM
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We want to define projection system and additional tags in collada format while exporting from city engine. Can anybody suggest how it can be done? For eg. <Extra_Link ID> , <Feature_Type> & Central Meridian, Latitude of origin & projection. CityEngineIndiaDevelopersEdit collada (.dae) files in CityEngine or ArcGIS Pro?

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Dear Nirdesh Singh,

CityEngine can export models in the KML format.

KMLs store location data in the geographic WGS84.

3D models are also stored in the COLLADA interchange file format.

Models  |  Keyhole Markup Language  |  Google Developers

If that is not suitable for you needs, than the XML file structure of the could be extended by adding additional tags. This can be achieved by a python callback function called for each shape after generation.

But of course this is an customization that does not adhere to the Collada specification.

COLLADA - 3D Asset Exchange Schema

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