3D model Interoptability

06-17-2013 10:29 AM
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Hey everyone,

The architecture department at my company exports their models through revit....unfortunetly none of the export formats directly import into CityEngine. These are the following data types: adsk, dgn, dwf, dwfx, dwg, dxf, fbx, pcp, and sat. Does any one know of standard procedures or common transformtaions to get this data into CityEngine?

CityEngine imports: dae, dxf, gdb, kml, kmz, shp and obj.

I've tried to import the dxf, but I get this warning "Invocation target exception".

I've tried using FME simple read/write conversions but the geometries are warped slightly and textures are not maintained. Any ideas?

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Ah, beloved interop..

Coming from Revit, I assume you export CAD buildings.

Try going for Collada, Obj or KML (if the models are georeferenced), if possible.

CE directly import such models as 'Static Models' in the asset formats Obj and Dae (Collada).

This should give you the least pain.

Maybe try Okino's 'PolyTrans'.

Let me know if this helps ..

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Hi Matt,

Thanks for your response. I found an open source converter from autodesk called "FBX" and this will convert the revit fbx exports into collada. So importing to CityEnginge will work just fine.

Thanks a million,
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