360 VR with Street Smart by CycloMedia

01-12-2022 01:41 AM
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Does anyone know if the high-res street imagery provided by Cyclomedia is consumable with ArcGIS 360 VR? (https://learn.arcgis.com/en/projects/capture-assets-with-street-smart-by-cyclomedia/

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Hi John, 

Thanks for your question! We (at Cyclomedia) took some time to investigate the possibilities. In short, our (Esri) Street Smart Widget is not suitable for ArcGIS 360VR. However, we do have multiple API's that might be helpful to integrate our data into any other platform. Also, I would be very interested to better understand your use-case so we can see if there are any planned developments on our side that would meet your needs. For more info, please feel free to reach out! 

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