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Create functions that replicate Lot subdivision

07-27-2023 04:53 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

The in-built lot subdivision rules are sometimes useful, however, usually we need to use CGA instead to split Lots up into appropriately sized bits. 

It would be great to introduce the Offset, Skeleton and Recursive methods of splitting Lots into CGA functions, with added control over the size and shape of the subdivisions. Sometimes these need to be conditional on the size / shape of the overall lot, and it's tedious to go in and tweak the values lot by lot in the CityEngine scene. 

Overall - it would be useful to have the precise control of the Split and SplitByArea  functions in CGA, but with more geometric flexibility. Skeleton subdivision can wrap around corners (great), but I can't set a precise width for it (only a minimum). This makes it difficult to place connected houses in the straight areas of the Lot that have a given width (e.g the top left of the image below).

It's also not possible to use subdivision on Shapes.. only Lots. Sometimes we want to use shapes imported from CAD and no roads.




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Hi Matt,

thanks for these great suggestions (e.g. running the built-in subdivisions on imported geo). We've added them to our backlog!