Vitruvio 1.1 Release Highlights

10-28-2021 01:03 AM
Esri Contributor
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Vitruvio 1.1 for Unreal Engine 4.27 using CityEngine SDK 2.4 (CityEngine 2021.0)  is officially released. You can find the latest downloads, documentation, examples and source code on GitHub


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Vitruvio Actor to static mesh conversion

Starting with Vitruvio 1.1, Vitruvio Actors can be converted to regular Unreal static meshes. You can then continue to work with the Actors as you would do with any other static mesh, for example set up collision meshes. In addition, this improves performance when procedural generation is not needed anymore.


Support for CGA array attributes

Vitruvio now supports CGA array attributes and they can be accessed from the Unreal Editor's Details panel.


Improved image format support

All CityEngine supported image formats are now also supported by Vitruvio. More details can be found here: Supported Image Formats



  • Improved generate performance
  • Option to reload Rule Packages (RPKs) from the filesystem
  • Bug fixes


Note that ArcGIS CityEngine 2021.1 has been released.