"And something I don't think we could have done before CityEngine"

08-15-2016 09:34 AM
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Esri CityEngine

Devin Lavine (Principal | Cofounder - Houseal Lavigne Associates): "And the benefit of this procedural modeling is how quickly we can do these. So, we didn't just deliver them one 3D drawing, we actually gave them two. And something I don't think we could have done before CityEngine.":http://bit.ly/2byvs7Q

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Dominik is the Director for 3D Markets at Esri Inc. in Redlands (CA), where innovative 3D solutions for Esri’s customers are developed. He is instrumental in Esri's efforts for the 3D market and works with companies all over the world in a variety of industries such as state & local government, commercial, national government, entertainment, etc.. Previous he was a co-founder of Procedural Inc., the maker of the modeling software for 3D urban environments CityEngine, which was acquired in 2011 by Esri.