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360 VR February 2024 Update: preliminary Apple Vision Pro support

04-03-2024 11:23 PM
Esri Contributor
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360 VR on ArcGIS Online, February 2024 has just been released.

This release includes:

  • New: Preliminary support for Apple Vision Pro headset. Make sure to enable WebXR in the AVP Safari settings. If you are working with 360 VR on an Apple Vision Pro, we love to hear your feedback!
  • New: Support pop-ups for polygons with patterns
  • Updated: Create 360 VR now ignores hidden SV slides (i.e. no viewpoint is created for a hidden slide)
  • Updated: Layout adjustments for iframes (helps embedding in StoryMaps)
  • Updated: Fixed pop-up highlighting for polygons draped on integrated meshes
  • Bug fixes

As always: try it out at

About the Author
Stefan Arisona is a senior principal software engineer at the Esri R&D Center Zurich. His works on game engine and virtual reality applications for GIS, urban planning and design, and architecture.