Workaround: How to run comparisons on ACS variables not available in Infographics or Reports?

12-30-2020 08:21 AM
Esri Contributor

You may have noticed that some variables available in the data browser for use in Color-Coded Maps or Smart Map Search are not available when creating comparison reports. 

Based on a number of inbound questions, we wanted to share a workaround we found with a fellow Business Analyst web user to gather summary statistics for ACS variables not available in Comparison Reports. The steps are written below and will share a video soon link soon! 

Feel free to share any other insights/workarounds you may have found! 

  1. Add reference geographies to the map using Select by Geography (under Define Areas).  
    1. Commonly use geographies are: Cities/Places, Counties and States 
  2. Add ACS variable(s) to the map using the Create Maps tool that best fits your needs.  
    1. Reminder: these allow you to look at multiple geographic scales dynamically for your selected variable. 
    2. Color-Coded Maps if you are comparing one or two variables. 
    3. Smart Map Search if you have three or more variables. You are limited to five variables at a time, but you can use the workflow multiple times. 
  3. Change the default data view from "Current Map Extent" to one of the geographies you've added. 
    1. Start with Cities and Places, and be sure to select "Census Tracts" as the geographic scale. 
  4. Export the data using the Export to Excel feature.  
    1. You can do a quick sum, average or something else in excel for your comparison city or town. 
    2. Make note of the margin of error and be sure to report on the variability to your stakeholders. 
  5. Repeat for larger geographic comparison areas.  
    1. You can repeat 3 and 4 for Counties or simply view the total by selecting "Counties" as the geographic scale in the panel. 
    2. You may view the total for States by selecting States as the geographic scale in the panel. 

Read more about ArcGIS Business Analyst Data. 

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