Does Business Analyst Online allow the infographic to be time sensitive, or for it to be synchronized with an embedded map's time slider widget?

11-25-2019 01:57 PM
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I want to create a map showing all the changes made across Canada within a month - I have used the Web AppBuilder displaying the type of changes made across the country and have enabled my data to be time aware therefore, the map displays all the daily changes made thanks to the "Time Aware" Map template, or to the Widget "Time slider". Now, I would like an infographic to be linked to this map and show all of the changes made cumulatively throughout the month, and for it to be synchronized with the time slider, changing day by day. 

I haven't encountered any tutorials demonstrating this yet, and my organization does not yet have the license for Business Analyst Online. I would like to know if any of this is possible before I ask my organization to get a license for this. 

Thank you,


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Hi Jenny,

I do not believe that Business Analyst Online has that functionality but does sound like a good enhancement request.  I would advise making a poster over at ArcGIS Ideas for that.

Jason R.

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Hi Jason,

I had that idea shortly after posting this! I posted it here but, still no reply! I also asked that question to someone who was conducting a BAO seminar and they told me that this feature is not yet available.