Business Analyst mobile app (Android) basemaps issues

03-06-2018 01:13 PM
Status: Open
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I have the BA mobile app on my Android device and would like to be able to choose different basemaps. When selecting the Basemaps menu, all of my basemaps are visible within the list, whether they are Esri standard basemaps, vector tile-based basemaps or even some I created with mapstyler.

However, most of them are unaccessable and there is no indication given to the user that the basemap has a problem. Either the basemap does not change or I just get a grey screen.

I would like to be able to access any basemap for use in the app, but failing that (or if this is a long-term implementation) at the very least there should be a way of screening out all the basemaps that aren't going to work. For my colleagues this is going be a problem (they are not GIS literate) not knowing what basemaps are working and which ones aren't.




Hi Kieran,

Thank you for providing this feedback and enhancement idea. 

Could you share a screenshot of the issue you are seeing? Also, seems like you have a number of basemaps beyond Esri standard basemaps set up in your ArcGIS Online organization, correct?




Hi Praveen

Unfortunately I can't get a screenshot for you as it's on my phone. But I understand that it would likely be because these are vector basemaps (or other custom web maps). Although I think I could create separate groups for raster and vector basemaps  it still would be an issue with who I share the maps with. I'm exploring what's available and want to take advantage of it but if much is either in beta (e.g. mapstyler) or doesn't work in certain apps like mobile or ArcGIS for Office, Adobe etc then they're not worth using.

You've probably seen some of my mapstyler and other experimental content that I currently have in our organisation account.