Take-off flight path area

06-23-2021 04:27 AM
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Hello, please which tool should I use to create the Take-off flight path area (in the way how it is described in Annex 4 - Chapter 3.8.2)?


Thanks a lot,


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Hi Naty, 

There is no ArcGIS Aviation tool specific to creating that surface from Annex 4 -Chapter 3.8.2.  However, we are looking to add more tools to support creating ground surfaces like this and Runway Protection Zones.   There is an OIS tool based on the ICAO Annex 4 specification for the Precision Approach Terrain chart (Chapter 6), but that is not the same as the Take-off flight path area described in 3.8.2.  

A potential workaround for making this Take-off flight path area would be to use the ArcGIS Aviation Airports  ICAO Annex 14 tool in Pro - but use a Custom JSON File to limit the output to match your needed specifications.   

 You can make a Custom JSON file with CustomizeOIS.exe which gets installed with the Aviation Airports Product Files under the Utilities\CustomizeOIS folder with PDF instructions.   I suggest you try saving out a custom JSON which only creates an Annex 14 Take Off Climb Surface,  but editing the parameters like this

Length of Inner Edge= 180, Final Width= 1800 Length= 10000, Slope= 0, Divergence 12.5.


Attached is a zipped JSON that I saved out like this.  If you try it with the Pro ICAO Annex 14 OIS tool, choose Non Instrument Code Number 1.  This should give you geometry output for the custom surface, but will have attribution in the output ObstructionIdentificationSurface_MP for Annex 14 Take Off Climb Surface, so you should edit them accordingly.


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Hi David,

thank you so much for your very useful response.

I will try it in this way.