WebView on Android will not stop loading

12-20-2021 01:13 PM
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I am having an issue with the WebView on Android. My app is simple enough. I just consists of three tabs that display webpages. One is a link to an instant app I created on AGOL and another is a link to a weather dashboard I created in AGOL as well. The one that is not working is a link to a water quality dashboard. When the "Water" tab is selected the "LOADING" blue circle animation comes up and never goes away. The app functions normally and does not happen when I test it on AppStudio and the app works fine on the iOS platform. But for some reason on Android that site will not stop loading. Any thoughts? Attached is a picture of what I am describing and a quick snippet of my code for that page.

I also get the following errors when I run the debugger and click on that tab. See attached. Thanks!

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Hello Ryan,

I am not an AppStudio guru, but it looks like the errors are indicating the use of deprecated code, a variable that isn't defined, and and "href" variable that is attempting to be set as null?  I would start looking at all of the errors in your code and then try again.  

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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Thanks. That is just it. I cannot find any errors to speak of. The app actually works great everywhere except that one tab on an Android device.