Tapping Map Points

08-17-2015 09:58 PM
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I am using the QuickReport template. When I tap a mapped point nothing happens. Is this to be expected? I though that it would be nice if the attributes could be displayed when the points is tapped?

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Hello Nathan,

The map in the Quick Report Template is currently only used to provide a visual reference for finding your location.

The map is not interactive. This is the expected behavior.

What features would you like to see from the location map in the Quick Report Template?

- Hannah

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HI Hannah,

It would be great to have an interactive webmap in the Quick Report Template. To do this I have attempted to merge the MapViewer template into the Quick Report Template. I am trying to take the best aspects of both templates and combine it into one app.

New features such as bigger points that can have a custom image would be great to see in the Quick Report Template. A search bar, and the ability to view the attributes of a point would also be great features to include.