Story Map Settings such as picture order are not persisting in the AppStudio application. Are there specific settings that need to be set manually in qml?

07-31-2015 10:44 AM
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I set up a story map, and included some additional layers.  I re-ordered the pictures, however the application does not recognize those changes.

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Highlight your project in AppStudio for ArcGIS (BETA). Select the cog icon to open the Settings Tool. Browse to Properties tab of the Settings Tool. The properties that control the order of your photos are:

  • Custom Sort - This is a true/false setting to indicate that you are using a custom sort order.
  • Sort Field - This is the field in your data that you have configured to indicate the order of your photos.
  • Custom Sort Order - This can be set to asc or desc to set the order of your photos.

For more information, see: Configure Map Tour—AppStudio for ArcGIS Desktop Edition (Beta) | ArcGIS

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