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05-16-2018 07:56 PM
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Hi all

Does anyone know what actually affects how long it takes for a published app to load up?

We have an app published in the app stores, and users have commented that it takes a while (7-10 seconds) to load up. E.g. the launch image displays for that long before the first app page appears.

I'm wondering what it actually is that affects how long it takes to load up, so I can figure out if there is any way I can speed up the launch part of the app.



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Hi Paul,

Start up time mainly depends on the time taken for QML objects creation and loading.

Some tips,

- Load minimum QML at start and load more as you need it using Loaders Performance tip Use Loaders - Qt Wiki 

- Use console.time and console.timeEnd to determine the time spent between calls to identify code blocks that consume time. Debugging QML Applications | Qt 5.10 

- Performance Considerations And Suggestions | Qt 5.10 



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