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09-06-2020 05:57 AM
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Hi all,

A question about the templates of AppStudio for Arcgis.
I'd like to kwow if when i use the templates "Map Tour" or "Map Viewer", it is possible to take a photo with the native camera of the smartphone and automatically insert the photo points (like the template "Quick Report").
I tried to check the native camera in settings -> capabilities, but i cannot add a photo point in the App with no widget.

Thanks for you attention.


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Map Tour and Map Viewer template in AppStudio don't support the functionality to add a new photo to a point feature out of the box. 

To add this functionality, on top of enabling the capabilities in the Settings page, you would need to move the code from Quick Report that you would like to add into the Map Viewer or Map Tour template, this requires a little bit of developer skill to do it. It is using this Camera Dialog component from AppStudio AppFramework, CameraDialog QML Type | ArcGIS 

Thank you,


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