Quick Report fails to upload report

11-29-2021 08:52 AM
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I am facing an issue testing the AppStudio Quick Report app. After creating an editable feature service on my portal, I wanted to test the application directly in AppStudio. So I successfully logged on, chose the right report, captured a simple polygon and added a short text (as I defined a field to do so). However, it fails immediately to upload the feature when pressing "Send" - almost like there is no online connection (see attachment).

When trying to use a custom basemap as background hosted on the portal, it complains that it is not capable of using online resources.

How is that possible? What I am missing? Is there any configuration I missed to check so the app stays online or so?

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I am aware of similar issue using QuickReport from AppStudio 5.1 and it has been fixed in AppStudio 5.2, Can you try using QuickReport template from AppStudio 5.2?


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