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08-27-2015 07:33 AM
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In addition to the SSL problems on iOS, I have a few others issues.

1. Drafts: Drafts save fine, but when I go to view them the edit function doesn't appear to do anything. I can delete the individual drafts, but cannot view, edit, or submit them. Is this feature functional in Beta 3? I've only tested on iOS (after disabling SSL for my org). I don't have an android device at the moment and I cannot get the app to go offline on Windows (it went offline in Beta 2 on Windows, but not Beta 3).

2. Default dates: Dates are automatically entered for date fields on mobile devices. However, if the date is not manually changed by the user, it then becomes December 31, 1969 when submitted.

3. "Select Photo" option isn't working on iOS. I can take the photo, but can't select. It would also be nice to have some more camera functionality such as being able to tap to focus (currently tapping ANYWHERE on the screen captures the picture).

4. Photos taken on Windows are not displayed or attached. I believe the source of this behavior lies in the fact that I am on a work network. My default profile paths (such as documents, pictures, etc.) point to a network drive instead of the normal local drives that one would see on a home computer. I can work around it, but there should probably be a better process for handling photo storage than assuming that a specific directory exists.

Any help with these (especially the drafts issue) would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Donald

I see this post is a little old - Im sorry we missed it. Brief summary:

1. and 2. - fixed in version 1.0 of the template to be available very soon.

3. and 4. - these were fixed in beta 4, and refined a little further again in version 1.0.

Regards, Marika

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