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Push Notifications QML

05-21-2023 03:52 AM
New Contributor

What happened to Push Notifications? last plan was to be released mid 2021 but nothing came out of, and to this point no follow up to subject. 

We used a WebSocket to circumvent the issue. However, since google decided to prevent apps from working in the background back in 2021 this is no longer viable at all.

We are hard pressed on the matter, is there any news on the matter?

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Esri Contributor


Back in 2021 we did some R&D and internal "labs" testing with cross-platform push notifications in AppStudio. The functionality never made it into a public beta or a production release due to some technical and implementation issues we encountered, and we no longer have plans to continue work on push notifications.

Esri recently announced that AppStudio 5.5 would be the last major release of the product and we are beginning the retirement process for the product (it will be officially retired in Feb 2025). This blog post details the retirement process and some of the migration options for AppStudio developers. Some of these migration options (.NET MAUI, Swift, Kotlin) offer support for push notifications.

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