Operation Dashboards and App Studio

12-04-2018 01:18 PM
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Does app studio support any interrogation with operations dashboards?

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It is possible to create a dashboard style app in AppStudio with maps and charts and data callouts. It's not available out of the box as a template or sample. Can you be more specific of what kind or level of integration you are looking for? Also any use cases or workflows we should be aware of.

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Hi Kyle,

As Sathya asked, it would be helpful if you could elaborate on the "kind or level of integration you are looking for".

FYI, Dashboards are supported on smart phone and tablets.

Strategies & Best Practices for using Dashboards on your Smartphone 


Hope this helps,

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I would like to be able to display dashboards within the app. I know its possible to do it via WebEngine but I was curious to know if there was any other options available from app studio

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