Offline Geodatabase

11-23-2017 04:22 AM
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I am trying to query my geodatabase but can't seem to find a way. 

If I try to obtain its geometry or features it gives me a null value. But how an it be null when it is being displayed on the map as feature layer. 

I also need to make offline editing work. But I can't seem to enter or manipulated the .geodatabase file. 

I created the . geodatabase file using arcmap 10.5 create runtime content tool. 

Please need some urgent help. Thanks. 

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Esri Regular Contributor

Please log a Esri support ticket to troubleshoot this issue.

Also geodatabase created as a runtime content from the arcmap cannot be used for editing purpose. It is only for viewing purpose. Please check out our sample (based on 100.1 Runtime)  Feature Layer  (Geodatabase) and Feature Layer (Query ) for more help 

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