Maps not appearing in AppStudio Player - Fine in Desktop

08-08-2017 07:40 PM
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I'm working with AppStudio Desktop and am having issues testing my apps using the AppStudio Player.
On the desktop version, the maps I want to come up (defined by the query) are appearing fine when testing the app using the Run function. 
So I've updated the app in ArcGIS Online, but when I go to test in the AppStudio player, the gallery always comes up blank.
I've tested it with multiple new apps but have not had any luck yet. I'm certain the apps are being updated in the player, because I've changed the background in the desktop edition and this comes through when I update in the player.

Am I missing a crucial step which is causing the Web Maps to not appear?
All webmaps and datasets within them are shared publicly.


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Hi Kieran,

Can you confirm if you are using the 100.1 version of ArcGIS Runtime in your app?

Also can you share the query that you are using for the maps so that we can help to troubleshoot better. You can email it to me at .



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Hi Kieran, 

Are you using the Map Viewer template? Or is this a custom app?. If the maps are not loading in Map Viewer template. Please try our sample "WebMap" released with the AppStudio 2.0 (July 2017 release). 

I am presuming you are using ArcGIS Runtime 100.1. If it doesn't help please provide some screenshots and webmap id.



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