Map Viewer template and non-public Web maps?

11-04-2015 12:38 AM
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Hi All,

Map Viewer template requires that Web maps are publicly shared.  Is there some way to tweak around this requirement? I have some data which can only be shared in ArcGIS Online group. Otherwise Map Viewer template would work as perfect starting point ...




Let me elaborate a bit my question above, since I think this is a quite common requirement if one is to use the template. Map Viewer template should be capable of prompting "named user" authentication and allow/deny access to app, which includes non-public Web map. This basically means a Web map shared in ArcGIS Online Group which is not shared to everyone.

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Thank you for your question Ilkka. While I haven't done this myself yet, there has been some interest in using non-public web maps with AppStudio templates, which is nicely addressed by Marika Vertzonis here:

unable to see web maps under "My Content" when setting the web map in appstudio for an app

Hope this helps point you in the right direction.


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Hi Noah,

This was a good help. Pointed me to a right direction 🙂


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Hello Everyone

We have a Basic corporate account and would like to deliver within our organization or registered users.

If we acquire the Standard license we could create private maps even on public templates?

As a business opportunity we think we could provide a simple solution to our customers as registered users on our organization account.


Ezequias Rocha


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