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12-06-2020 11:15 PM
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i m trying to load maps when the application is running offline of arcgis appstudio, Is it possible? On arcgis online account i have clicked offline option,  but how to load it offline, i have numerous users with differnt locations like in newzealand. currently i m loading my private maps with token generated everytime a map is loaded when user is online. but when he will be in jungle, and where there is no signal.  he will sign in to his mobile app, and switch through screens of app. including map screen.


I don't know how to acccomplish ths task

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It is possible, and this workflow is already supported in our MapViewer template (https://youtu.be/SWhBIJB9KQ4 ), you can take a look at how it works there.  You can either have the Mobile Map Package (MMPK), uploaded in ArcGIS Online, or pre-set offline map areas in your webmap in ArcGIS Online (https://doc.arcgis.com/en/arcgis-online/manage-data/take-maps-offline.htm). Once the MMPK is downloaded it would be available to use offline. 


And we also have the sample in AppStudio Desktop or Player called "Open Mobile Map (MMPK)", that shows you how to load the MMPK if you want to side-load the file in the device. 


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