Links not showing on Android, but they do work in the Player & on iOS

10-11-2015 08:43 PM
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I have a scenario where some hyperlinks are not displaying correctly on an Android device. The interesting thing is that these links are visible in the AppStudio Player and also iOS. Here is how they are displayed on iOS:


And here is what the same app looks like on Android:


The Feedback and Privacy links are not visible. Any ideas why this may be occurring? Is it possible that Android has placed these links underneath the black task bar?

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Which application template are you using?  Did you build this app yourself?

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I started with the Quick Report template and then merged it with the Map Viewer template, so we have essentially got a hybrid of the two templates.

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This might be due to scaleFactor issues between displays especially very high resolution Android devices.

Few suggestions:

  • If you are using a Text element then make sure it has the width of the app.
  • You could also use fontSizeMode: Text.Fit to make sure font fits correctly in the available space.
  • It could also be that anchors.margins are causing the issue. Try removing or commenting them out.


If you want to debug then add a Rectangle inside the text element to see how its being rendered on the device

Text {

id: links

text: "Hello"
anchors.fill: parent

   Rectangle {

                    anchors.fill: parent

                    color: "yellow"

                    opacity: 0.5



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