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05-26-2017 01:15 PM
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I have an app that adds features to a local geodatabase and periodically syncs with the host feature service. It runs fine on the Windows 10 dev machine (ALT+SHIFT+R from Qt Creator) but if I push it to AGOL and download it to AppStudio Player on my iPhone it fails to add points to the offline table.

Specifically, it runs correctly right up until I call GeodatabaseFeatureTable.addFeature(myFeatureJSON). This method succeeds on the dev machine but consistently returns -1 on the phone. Similarly, if I Make the app and side load it to my phone I get the same behavior.

I get the same results whether I change the feature service used in the app or test it on other iPhones (I haven't tried it on Android)

What could be the cause of this and how might I go about fixing it?



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Hi Ken,

One thing you might do - to figure out what's going on is - programmatically retrieve the replica extent and make sure that the feature you are inserting is actually falling within that replica extent and is not outside. Also the spatial reference is consistent.

Please also double check that the app is properly authorized.


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If everything works when running from Qt Creator but the exact same thing doesn't work from App Player, it's likely due to licensing not being set within the app. See related posts and links:

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