images disappeared when closed the app totally

02-12-2021 01:28 AM
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i have created an offline / online application. i have saved some images when first time received from server when online, it is working fine in app studio on mobile and on laptops but when i create a build for testing, and i try to close the app completely, and next time i open it, it do not show images saved locally of app.


As it is working fine on appstudio, i cannot figured out the problem, anyhelp will be great from community.

i am saving path of saved local downloaded images in localdb also.

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That is weird, when you create a build which platform are you testing this on? I have a feeling it might a path-related issue of where you store the files. 

If you are testing on Android, make sure you are using the path highlighted in this blog, 


Thank you,


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