How to specify the 'do not backup' attribute on a file on iOS so it doesn't copy to iCloud?

11-03-2015 06:36 PM
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Hi all

Imagery tile packages need to remain on the device, but can be quite large so we don't want them to automatically backup to iCloud on iOS devices. The link below talks about setting the 'do not backup' attribute on files that you don't want to be uploaded to iCloud. How would you go about doing this within the context of AppStudio?

  1. Use the "do not back up" attribute for specifying files that should remain on device, even in low storage situations. Use this attribute with data that can be recreated but needs to persist even in low storage situations for proper functioning of your app or because customers expect it to be available during offline use. This attribute works on marked files regardless of what directory they are in, including the Documents directory. These files will not be purged and will not be included in the user's iCloud or iTunes backup. Because these files do use on-device storage space, your app is responsible for monitoring and purging these files periodically.
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