How to Register a Social Login to ArcGIS Hub using AppStudio

08-09-2018 01:47 PM
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From AppStudio we'd like to take the user through the process of registering their facebook/google account with ArcGIS Hub. What's the best approach for doing this? Opening a web viewer control and pointing it to a Hub Initiative page and going through the browser-based process? Or is there an alternative approach?


Matt English

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Yes, webView would be a way to go. 

Most of the social login workflow are using OAuth workflow, which should be similar to log in to ArcGIS Online. 

You can see how the OAuth workflow sample code in one of our templates or in the sample page (OAuth + Biometric Authentication)

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Can you confirm the OAuth workflow will prompt you to enter an email address + username to join the org as a social user (with a role of type 'citizen')? I guess the only way to test this is to remove all accounts on ArcGIS Online that are associated with my facebook credentials an run the sample you mentioned. What I need clarity on is the prompt in the screenshot below - does Oauth and AppStudio's AuthenticationView provide for this:

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