How to download a publicly accessible (Native App) Survey123 built using AppStudio

10-09-2020 03:32 PM
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I can't seem to find the details on how to automatically download a publicly accessible Survey123 app that I created using AppStudio.  The app will be available in the Google Play and App stores.

So, I understand the code to open the particular survey immediately, but, how does it automatically download to the device without a login?

Also, it seems like a lot of other templates in AppStudio, you just access the Form Id or the Map ID in the settings.  But for the Survey123 app template, I'm thinking I have to change something in QML.  Which is fine, but what?

This info is out there, I'm sure, but I can't find it.

Thank you!


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See related post here, "Survey123 field app" to load a predetermined survey on startup 

Also this has been logged in the issue backlog for Survey123 field app template, to add pre-determined survey as a setting in the Survey123 field app template in AppStudio. It would also be helpful if you can raise this as an official enhancement through Esri Technical Support‌, so that we can track it. 

cc: ArcGIS Survey123

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