File Dialog crashes a built app although not in App Player

10-13-2015 10:31 AM
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Hi All

Trying to figure out why a crash is happening.

I have a FileDialog object, and have set the folder to '', which, according to QT's documentation, should point to the directory containing the users pictures or photos. I then have a button that opens the file dialog. This seems to work fine on a windows PC, and seems to work fine when running the app via App Player on an iOS device. But if I build and install the app natively on the iOS device, then pressing the button to call the completely crashes the app.

Any ideas how to fix this? I'm assuming that the App Player has some build setting that allows access whereas my app doesn't, but where and what could this be?

FileDialog QML Type | Qt Quick Dialogs 5.5

    FileDialog {

        id: fileDialog

        selectExisting: true;

        selectMultiple: false;



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Tested with pure qml on Android and seeing similar behavior.

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Hi Alexander

Thanks for the quick feedback.

So perhaps a wider qml issue than just App Studio, or to do with App Studio build settings? Either way, the query focus is probably on if anyone in the App Studio team can shed any light on why it *does* work when running an app from within the App Player itself - are the build settings different for App Player? Or is there something in the App Player code that allows access to this shortcut folder?

Will wait to see if any further responses.



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