does gps work even when application is closed

02-12-2021 01:57 AM
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i have created an application where i am storing current lat long through position source element, i want to know does this element work and save my coordinate even when the application is closed whole time  until some condition meet.

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It sounds like you are describing "Background Location" functionality, is it correct? (see Background Location section.)



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hi @ErwinSoekianto 

i am trying to get state of application in qml 


but how to make gps work on 2 states active and hidden. when  it is active it return 4 and when i close the app with middle button. it return 0, and i have to make gps  working in both state.

How to do it.

Thanks in advance

 i have enabled the location in capabilities in background modes.

Screenshot 2021-02-19 at 1.26.46 PM.png


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