Can I combine the reporting functionality of Quick Reporter and Map Viewer into one application via ESRI AppStudio?

11-11-2015 07:42 PM
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I want to construct an app that builds a crowd sourced map from people's reports much like the graffiti demo app however I want for them to be able to interact with the map and see hot spots of the reports all within the same mobile application. Appreciate any guidance!

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Hi Michael,

Sure you can. That is part of why we built them so you have code to pillage to create your own magnificent app!

As a quick suggestion, look at the MapPage.qml in the Quickreport, It was designed for this type of scenario, just never made it into prime time. Take a look at how that works and how we use the stackview to populate the screen.

I think you will be able to add a button somewhere and do a "push" to get what you want.

Good luck and happy mapping.


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Hey Gareth,

I am Ankit, a geoinformatics student.

This answer is what I was looking for. I am trying to combine the functionality of map viewer and quick report.

However, since I have no prior experience in QT and QML I am unable to properly understand how to proceed.

Can you please elaborate on how to work with MapPage.qml

Also can you suggest some sources where I can learn more about customizing appstudio templates using QT?

Hoping to hear from you soon!


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Hi Ankit,

Please take a look at this wiki. This has some nice tips and tricks and quick code snippets to use to learn more about QML, Runtime and AppStudio. 

Home · Esri/arcgis-appstudio-samples Wiki · GitHub 


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This seems like a good resource.

Thanks a lot Nakul!

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