Attachment sync direction in runtime v100.x

08-19-2018 10:02 PM
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Hi all. Just trying to get my head around the attachment sync direction options available now in the runtime v100.x.

I gather you can now specify direction as up, down or bi-directional?

Does anyone know what the workflow/code would look like it if I wanted the following:

I want the direction of sync to be upload only so that any attachments the user creates get uploaded (and remain in their local copy). But, what if the user wants to download all attachments for a given area?

Is there a way that I can code a once off query that will take either a given spatial area or a query string, go away to the feature service and download all attachments for features that meet that criteria, and insert them into the offline geodatabase.

I'm trying to reduce the amount of traffic downloading, but still be able to give the user the flexibility to get the attachments they need.

Use case would be: the user has an offline geodatabase for a region that includes 1000 farms. They want an offline geodatabase that includes all the farm data, minus the attachments. But, they are then going to visit one of those farms and want to download all attachments for any features falling within the extents of that farm. They want to click a single button to trigger this to happen.

From a code perspective, I could either pass in a polygon of the farm boundary, or the id of the farm to a feature layer that would include that as an attribute, and would want it to retrieve all attachments.

Any suggestions or comments?



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