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06-27-2019 06:26 PM
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During building a QML app using ArcGIS SDK for QT, I faced a problem synchronizing one of the hosted feature services layers. The application is designed to create mobile geodatabase file, also all data edits done by a user is happening on one layer in this geodatabase, which is later gets synchronized to a hosted feature service on AGOL. In order to start the sync operation, the application create an instance from “SyncGeodatabaseParameters” class which has a “geodatabaseSyncDirection” property set to “SyncDirectionUpload”. Unlike what I expected, the sync operation is downloading changes took place on hosted feature service from AGOL, instead of just pushing local changes to the AGOL service.


I have create a pair of apps that demonstrate this case, please find the download link here. Please unzip the file, then you will find the following:

  • Application 1: syncLayerDemo-add:
    • An application that has one layer added to the MapView control, “activity” layer, which is a hosted feature service layer on AGOL.
    • The “Add Record” buttons creates a new feature in a random location around the map center and add it directly to the layer


  • Application 2: syncLayerDemo-sync
    • This application creates a local geodatabase file replica from the same hosted feature service used by “Application 1”, and add the “activity” layer to the MapView
    • The “Sync Features” buttons starts the sync operation, and the “activity” layer gets refreshed to show the newly added features


Test Scenario:

  • Open “Application 1” and “Application 2”
  • Let the applications load
  • On “Application 1”
    • Press on “Add Record” button
    • A new point feature is added to the map
  • On “Application 2”
    • Press on the “Sync Features” button
    • Wait for the sync operation to finish


Expected: the sync operation pushes local changes from device to AGOL hosted feature service, and not to download any changes from AGOL hosted feature service to local device

Actual: the sync is pushing local changes and also downloading changes from AGOL.


Please let me know if you have any idea what might be the reason for this.


Ihab Hassan

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Looping in ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt‌ to see if anyone in this group can answer this. 

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