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02-22-2022 12:24 PM
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We have a feature layer with about a 120 points and each of these points have or more photos attached. This layer will be used eventually to create an Attachment Viewer Instant App.

To make our app more interesting, we would like to add a description on each photo. The descriptions are contained in the same table that was used to add the attachments to the feature layer.

We tried via the configuration pop-up and Arcade expressions, but we didn't find a solution.

Any suggestions? Thanks for your help!

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Hi @Marie-ClaudeBouchard ,

If you are adding the attachment description as a field in the feature table (as I'm interpreting it), then you would simply access that description as an attribute value from the table as you would any other value. Something like: 


where the "photo1Description" would be the field name. You can find examples of this throughout many of our samples and templates. If you're using the Attachment Viewer template, you can find this used in the LayerManger.qml file in /AttachmentViewer/modules directory. 

As a side note, you are also able to create the Attachment Viewer Instant App and use that application with our Attachment Viewer template in AppStudio. There's a great YouTube video here that demonstrates how you can do this. I hope this helps.


Trevor Frame

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