Accessing Custom Basemaps Through AuGeo Template Using AppStudio

08-17-2021 08:09 AM
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I am using AppStudio to create a custom version of AuGeo to use some custom historical basemaps that my organization has hosted. It looks like the list of basemaps the app pulls from is a read only property (supportedMapTypes), so I am unclear as to how I should be connecting to my own basemaps.  Is there any way to edit this function, or just manually point the app to my basemaps? I am unclear as to how this should be done because I cannot locate where those supported map types are defined. 

I have searched for people with similar problems and I didn't really find anything, perhaps I am searching for the wrong terms? If anyone has any suggestions on how to solve this or even just what I should be looking for that would be greatly appreciated!

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The AuGeo template is not using ArcGIS Runtime SDK Map and MapView object, it is using QtLocation Map Object.

Option 1:

- To replace the QtLocation Map component to ArcGIS Runtime SDK Map, I think this is not a simple project but doable, and it is pretty straightforward to load ArcGIS Org basemap.


Option 2:

To show load custom basemap that is available in Qt Map component. Please see these references on QtLocation to open different basemap. 

To load offline maps, replace the lines 296-298 in the file Pages/MapPage.qml (shown below)
                plugin: Plugin {
                    preferred: ["AppStudio"]
               plugin: Plugin {
                        name: "osm"
                        PluginParameter {
                            name: ''
                            value: './offline_tiles/'
This requires that the offline basemap tiles are stored in the directory `./offline_tiles`. Once the map tiles are available, the custom map can be selected through the map types popup in the app.

I hope this is helpful,