using coordinates retrieve graphics from sql

04-25-2011 07:39 AM
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Hi All,

I have a requirement in the arcGIS Silverlight implementation.

The requirement is when the user logged in for the first time he will not have any custom defined areas so he will select a country or multiple countries and he will define a custom defined area name for those selected graphics and save that custom defined area to the sql database. While fetching back those details from the database I am able to fetch it by sending the last inserted ID and select those custom area details and render it on the screen.

But when the user logged in for the second time and if he clicks on a country which he has already created as a custom defined area, we need to fetch those custom defined area details from database and render it on the GUI we should not allow him to create a new custom area on the same country. My question here is how can we query those saved custom defined area details from the database, what we need to pass as where condition? if it is by sending graphic details, what graphic details we need to send?

could some one please give me an idea or guide me or if you have any samples for this could you please forward it?

Thanks in advance.
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