Value Doesn't Fall within the expected Range

05-11-2015 11:32 AM
New Contributor

I have created a Map with MVVM pattern. This map I m trying to use in 4 other controls. when User click on top Navigation Buttons. these screen appears 1 by 1. like when user click on Button1 center content of screen get loaded with (map+ few other controls) Middlecontent1.xaml.

when user click on Button2 Middlecontent2.xaml replace the first one. my applciation is with Prism 4, Silverlight 5, ArcGIS Silverlight API 3.2 & Telerik Control.

I was thinking I have given x:name so xaml tree is giving issue as my base map xaml was having names in it. But Still my issue is same. it is looking for map extent and Layer initalization provides me the issue.

I was also thinking may be Its due to Singleton so I created and test with MapVIewModel vm=new MapVIewModel (); in my code. still issue is same. Now I dont know why this issue is coming hand how to resolve it. what is the root cause for this issue. ANy Help?

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