Optimized way of selection using attributes

12-27-2011 11:08 AM
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Hi All,

I have an silverlight app which is using one or more map services. I am also using layers from the mapservice for selection purpose with "SelectionOnly" mode . And it is working fine with editor selection tool.

I also have an tool which will get ObjectIds from SOE. The SOE will perform network related operations and returns the ObjectIds of result features. I cannot use the SOE to return geometry, as some times it returns large number of features but user may want to select only few features. I want to select features from the layer using these objectids.

Can anyone help me, what is the best method (with performance) to do it?

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You can either use the ObjectIDs property of the feature layer (see doc) but in this case you have to change the mode of the feature layer to 'Snapshot' or 'OnDemand' in order to get all corresponding features, or you can manage the query by yourself (using the ObjectIDs property of the query) and add the returned features to your layer.

Performances should be similar since both methods use the same underlying query to the server.
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