Migrate Items from in active AGOL or Portal users and delete them.

07-17-2018 05:24 PM

Migrate Items from in active AGOL or Portal users and delete them.

This is an ArcGIS Pro Toolbox that will help you take ownership for all items that are owner by inactive users then delete them with one click.

The needed variables are:

AGOL or Portal Url:



Inactive Owner Username:

Username to take ownership of the items:

Its pretty straight forward and super handy.


Is there any documentation associated with this toolbox?

I downloaded the zip file and extracted the contents which for me was just a tbx file.  I then loaded this toolbox into ArcMap, but I did not see any tools.

I also loaded this toolbox into Pro and saw the tool Migrate Items and Delete User.  Does this mean that this toolbox is intended to only ever work in Pro?

Hi Micheal,

This tool was written with py3 that's why its working with your pro. Most probably your ArcMAP is working with py2.7 library and this library wouldnt support ArcGIS for Python API.

Any additional documentation available for this tool?

If the user created groups in AGOL, will the group ownership be transferred over to the forwarded AGOL user?

Once this tool is run, there will be no AGOL dependencies left from the original user that would prevent that user from being deleted from AGOL?

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