Cemetery Management System

09-26-2014 06:36 AM

Cemetery Management System

1. Open project in visual studio 2012 or VS Web Express 2012

2. Set database "cemeteryContext" connection string in web.config

3. Set vb.net project settings using visual studio

4. Set javascript settings in Scripts/config.js

5. Add local groups to computer/server running app (Cem_Admins, Cem_Burial_Editors, Cem_Deed_Editors)

6. Add Users to groups

7. Build project

Also, in zip file is Cemetery_Config_Test.mpk that contains sample data to create the ArcGIS services required for the app to run (Publish as feature service and map service)

Demo - Winfield Cemetery Management System

Cemetery Poster small.png


this is great, is there a newer version? or is this still in use as is?

This is still in use as is.

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