Bing Maps to work in Sample Flex Viewer 1.3

05-25-2010 10:12 AM
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Please if anyone has any helpful insight to how to get bing to work please email me.  I can't find any real documentation to get this to work.  Everything I have tried has been trial & error with no luck :mad:.  The maps do not appear but i still get an x/y coordinate and can still search and locate cities with correct coordinates.  I have to be close.  I commented out the ESRI basemaps and then uncommented out the Bing.  I then exported out a vetoken.ashx and put it in my IIS configured with user name and password that i got via ArcSOM.  When you go directly to the vetoken (http://domain/vetoken.ashx)  it gives a token (ex {"token":"mqc8vRfhMmisbouPhkvibwB6Etl_feVl9J5ET15qsjKzHQ3qqv4PVk4JqNLYq0bx2WgE2XXNnaKX-a8UljHp6w2"} )  which makes me think i am leaving out something small.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Garrett McBride

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