Incorrect range for mosaic max/min returned by calculate statistics

04-22-2015 09:17 AM
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Hoping someone can catch an error here-- I'm working towards a time anaimation of rasters contained in a mosaic. Most of the animation is blank however because most of the rasters contained are outside of the range of values given by calculate mosaic statistics. I have double-checked that the rasters really do have values outside of the range given. For example, using one of my datasets which should go inbetween 3100 - 6663, I instead get a much smaller range--e.g. 3164 - 3269. I have identified consecutive rasters in the timeseries which show this smaller range as their max/mins and they are a mere fraction of the total set of rasters. One thing I considered is the possibly that having Maximum Number of Items Downloadable per Request = 20, and Max number of rasters per dataset (as seen in the mosaic properties) limits the number of rasters that are used in calculate statistics, however if I literally change this from 20 to 10,000 in the same window, I get the same smaller range. I've also tried using much smaller raster sets (<20), and importing a max/min raster as the symbology to no avail. Thanks for any ideas you may have.

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this looks like a case for Esri Technical Support. Please contact your local vendor.



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I have the same issue. What it looks like to me is that when 'calculate statistics' is used on the mosaic dataset, the statistics of the last raster in the mosaic attribute table are returned. I'm using version 10.1 - has this been fixed in later versions?



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